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The Personal Training for leaders in Zurich

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Michael Bachmann – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

I empower leaders to feel better in their bodies and increase their energy so they can breakthrough and become unstoppable.



  • Would you like to save time and speed up your progress?
  • Would you like to experience how simple and easy effective nutrition works?
  • Do you lack the necessary discipline?
  • You don’t know how and where to start?
  • Would you like to lose weight without being hungry and feeling full at the same time?
  • Do you lack the necessary motivation?

From my vast experience with more than 500 clients and more than 5000 coaching hours I know exactly that you are not alone with all these challenges. And that’s completely normal.

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coach michael beim personal training in zuerich
  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 16 weeks
  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 12 weeks

I focus on your individual goals

My secret recipe is my holistic and individual approach. I work with you on a fitness and health-oriented level as well as on a mental level.

Progress always happens from the inside out, which means that together we find out which pieces of the puzzle are missing so that we can bring you to your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible and above all sustainably.

Start now and see for yourself what is going to happen to you during our journey together. Your newfound energy, mental and physical strength will give you an edge over others in your job and everyday life.

How does this feel to you?



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Recommend by other experts

Philip Schmieder
Dipl. Sportsscientist and Personal Trainer/Schmieder Trainer, Köln

When customers move from Germany to Switzerland or train there, I definitely recommend Michael Bachmann as their coach. Since we have been in contact for years and I know that he is always trying to find the right individual approach for each customer, which allows the best possible progress. Just as I do with my customers, Michael coaches with a customer-centered approach and is the right choice when it comes to real results, not entertainment.

Tim Dubowy
Owner/Optimum Concepts

Michael is a warm-hearted, attentive and absolutely likeable coach with extraordinary expertise and skillset. I have been following his career for several years and I am impressed by his expertise in the areas of training planning, individualized nutrition, supplement strategies, hormone control and biomechanics. In addition, I had the honor of teaching him in my seminars; “Gut health & detoxification” as well as “hands on mobility” as a participant. He is as versatile as a Swiss army knife!

Marius Nydegger
Owner & Head Coach, Continuum Strength & Health AG

Michael is a top coach, especially in the area of ​​lifestyle and body transformation, he regularly achieves excellent results with his cleints. He continues to educate himself and is interested in applying his knowledge directly and incorporating it into his daily work.

Christian Meier
Physique Coach, Semper Fi Body Concept GmbH

Michael is more than a personal trainer. He is a true coach, who does not only excel with expertise, but shows real interest in his clientele and develops an individualized and professional solution for everyone. I appreciate Michael as a person and coach colleague, with whom I like to exchange and advise on a regular basis. Customers, which I can not accept for capacity reasons, I will hand over to him with my best intentions.

Sebastian Firmke
Owner & Head Coach / Performance Center,Ulm

Michael has been a valued colleague for several years now. He regularly educates himself with international and leading experts and always works on himself to guide his clients towards their goals as efficiently, sustainably and responsibly as possible. Whoever combines expertise, experience and empathy to this extent, is one of the top coaches! Here you are in good hands!

Ivone Molteni
Personal Trainer / Ivone Personal Training

One thing I can tell you in advance about Michael: Michael is a very passoniate coach! His vast knowledge, expertise and dedication will help you achieve your goals. Especially in the field of body transformation and lifestyle, he is a top coach. What I especially value about Michael is his continuous education, which he implements directly in his daily work with clients. I highly recommend Michael in every way.

Jasmin Spring
Owner & Personal Trainer / Empower Station

Michael is a very dedicated, interested and empathetic personal trainer. Sound specialist knowledge, permanent further education and practical experience build the foundation of his service, which is characterized by quality and professionalism. In the past, I have been able to benefit from his experience and knowledge over and over again, which I am very grateful for. I can tell with a good conscience that, in my opinion, Michael is one of the top personal trainers within the area of Zürich.

Marc Sonderegger
Owner and managing board member SPTV / Personalworkout, Zug

I know Michael from the Swiss Personal Trainer Association (SPTV) as well as from further educations we both attended. His blog posts are among the few I consistently read because the information there is honest and informative. Michael’s palmares can definitely be seen, and he is constantly developing his system to be able to offer his clients an even better service. If you do this and you already belong to the top coaches in Switzerland, that says it all! I can only highly recommend Coach Michael!

Sebastian Müller
Owner / Vereinfache dein Training

At the beginning of 2019, Michael gave his trust in me and I was able to advise him in various areas of his positioning as a successful personal trainer. Michael works extremely professionally and is an absolute specialist when it comes to physical transformation. His knowledge of nutrition and strength training is outstanding. However, what sets him apart in my eyes is that he regularly looks outside the box and continues to develop in many areas of personal development, from which his clients in particular benefit directly. If you are looking for a coach who pursues a holistic concept that goes beyond training and nutrition and who leads by example, you are in great hands with Michael.

Nadja Reinmann
Owner / Personal Training Nadja Reinmann

Years ago we got to know eachother while attending the same kind of education in the areas of training / nutrition & rehabilitation. Since then we are in regular contact and exchange ideas and concepts. Michael is a reliable, purposeful and extremely authentic coach. He always strives to get the best out of his clients and therefore keeps on educating himself over and over again. I can especially recommend him as a coach in the areas of training & mindset. If you’re looking for a coach in the canton of Zurich who can give you everything and take you to your next level, it’s Coach Michael!

Philipp Rauscher
Ernährungsberater, Krafttrainer, Autor und Dozent für private Bildungseinrichtungen (Logisch Ernähren, R1 Academy, FullTime PT)

Michael works extremely professionally. Above all, he is also very in-depth. This is not just mindless personal training, but coaching on all levels – with the result of having really fantastic solutions. For physical and mental fitness. High performance on a new level for me. And communicated mega well, too. So it’s not an off-the-shelf 0815 plan, but really helpful coaching. A clear recommendation! Definitely do it. A super investment.

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  • Progress after 12 weeks
  • Progress after 16 weeks

My Coaching Philosophy

“Progress only happens when you are ready to let go of the old, make different choices and your current pain is greater than the fear of change.”

The only constant in your life is change. Change happens automatically, progress does not!

That’s my motto, because if you want to make progress, you have to keep overcoming and overcoming your plateaus. Because there is no growth in the comfort zone. And that’s also how my coaching works.

My personal training is an investment in you and your health. It is very important to me that you continue to develop and break through your limitations and create a mindset of abundance.

This requires not only the necessary know-how, but also a great deal of empathy and hard work.

I help you to achieve your goals as quickly and sustainably as possible: Fat loss, more muscle/strength, more definition, more self-confidence, more energy and the most important: a better state of mind. Best of all, it can be applied to any important area of your life.

Are you ready for the coaching of your life?


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