Terms & Conditions

All services provided by Coach Michael Personal Training are subject to these Terms and Conditions unless modified or supplemented by written agreement between both parties.

1. General provisions
Coach Michael provides services in the field of personal training & coaching (training planning, nutrition advice, weight management, motivation coaching, mindset coaching) and health management (company fitness, workshops, presentations, coaching).These services promote health and general wellbeing.

2. Questionnaire and health conditions
Prior to the first training session, the client has to complete a health questionnaire regarding the their current state of health and objectives. The client is obliged to answer all questions truthfully. Should any changes occur during the course of training, the client must inform Coach Michael without delay. In the event of a  health risk, the client may request a medical examination.

3. Privacy
Any personal information collected is subject to data protection and will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

4. Prices and terms of payment
All hybrid offline coaching prices include entry fees to Klub der Sportfreunde (memberships only). Offline hybrid coachings take place at Klub der Sportfreunde, Hohlstrasse 506, 8048 Zürich. All other coachings (online) will take place via Zoom. Subscriptions are payable in advance or at the beginning of each month (6/12 month packages). Temporary suspensions are not possible. If this is not possible due to illness, holidays or other exceptional cases the Coachings may be used within the month cumulatively, but at most within the contract period. All other conditions remain applicable according to separate personal coaching contract.

5. Liability and insurance
The client is aware that physical training always involves a residual health risk. The client is responsible for having a valid insurance policy which covers any potential damage to their health that may happen during the training sessions. Thus liability for damages of any kind sustained by the client during the services provided by Coach Michael cannot and will not accepted.

6. Registration / Cancellation of appointments
Any appointments will be binding in written agreement (online booking tool). Appointments which are canceled at least 24 hours before the agreed date will incur no fee and may be rescheduled according to available free capacity within the given period of validity. However, if capacity does not allow it, the appointment will be void. Appointments that are canceled or postponed within 24 hours before the start of the coaching will be charged at full price against the subscription (incl. Illness etc.). Subscription contract is legally valid upon signing by both parties. The client hereby accepts the present GTC. However, the service as a whole can be assigned to another person. In case of delay on the part of the client, the right for service compensation is void. Coach Michael reserves the right to cancel or postpone appointments in urgent cases at short notice.

7. Resignation in case of illness or accident
If, due to illness or accident, a subscription can no longer be used, it is possible to postpone the service, but only within the regular subscription validity period or to transfer it to another person after presentation of a medical certificate. No individual services or subscriptions will be refunded.

8. Limited use
In the event of temporary restrictions of services or reductions in the range of services, the client is not entitled to a price reduction or reimbursement.

9. Non-use of the service by the client
If the services of Coach Michael are not used, the client is not entitled to a price reduction or reimbursement.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable law
Zurich is the exclusive place of jurisdiction. The contract is subject to Swiss law.