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Change your thoughts and make different choices and your life will start to progress


Almost all of us are born equal. This means that each one of us, when we come into this world, has a potential within us that can be explored and explored. In my view, our individual mission is for everyone to find their true potential and pursue it with appropriate consistency. […]

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5 reasons why travelling is good for your health, but not just.

5 reasons why travelling is good for your health, but not just

Depending on where you go, how you travel and how open minded you go through this world, travelling can be a soul & health booster in many ways. To be honest : what’s healing your soul, is often also healing your health, and I don’t mean by eating kilos of chocolate every day, but to have some chocolate every now and then, because it’s the balance that makes us healthy or unhealthy. Same goes for travelling. You can go to an All-Inclusive Hotel and feast by mindlessly eating and sipping on dozens of Piña Coladas while toasting yourself in the burning sun or you can go to a country, discover or explore it, get in touch with local people, eat local food, do awesome hikes while being in touch with nature. There are many ways to boost or destroy your health while going on a vacation. […]

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Is Dairy Bad for You? Here’s What You Should Know!


Dairy is bad- you hear that all over the place, especially from the vegan community. But is that really true? As with everything in life, there is no right and wrong, it’s a question that can only be answered in context and that’s why I dislike people or articles especially in the fitness industry that put out bullshit just to either boost their marketing or simply are not able to put information into context. Or what I love most: they cherry-pick studies to support their biased belief. With this in background they go out and misinform people and make them buy their story. Important here is. If you want to get the right information in this industry, you need to follow unbiased and trusted people and organizations. […]

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Well, let me first tell you this: I’m not here to preach what you should or should not do. You are always the captain of your own ship, the master and commander, the general, the emperor or the king of the world. Yeah, just like Leo was screaming it loudly from the bow of the Titanic. Remember? Of course you do. So, then why am I writing this article if there is no real intention behind it? It’s simple because you do need to invest in your health. One way or another. This doesn’t really mean that you need to hire Personal Trainers or Coaches. You could though… Even more when you face the situation of not knowing how you could reach your goals the most efficient way possible. […]

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