BODY & MIND Transformation Programme

Are you ready?

“Two things you can control: your attitude and your effort.”

In an ever-changing world, we cannot control external influences and circumstances. But we can control our response & mindset to them. Take responsibility for your health today! In my new Body & Mind Transformation programme you will lose up to 10Kg of fat within 12 weeks while learning how to take back control of your body.

I will guide you as an online coach for at least 12 weeks on the topics of training, nutrition, lifestyle & mindset! Your training is location & time independent, with little or a lot of equipment (individually adapted to your situation), a lot of coaching and with exclusive access to a community of like-minded leaders!


Would you like to…

  • be fitter
  • have more control over your body and mind
  • have more focus
  • have increased energy in your job and everyday life
  • finally reach your goals

I offer you…

  • coaching – no matter where you are!
  • exercise instructions via app and video tutorial
  • weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom
  • exclusive community of like-minded leaders
  • individual and monthly training plan
  • individual nutrition plan & guidance
  • free ebooks, fact sheets and much more
  • workout everywhere
  • new mindset
  • guaranteed success

This “Body & Mind Online Programme” is the online tool for leaders who want to train and develop themselves at any time and from anywhere. This also means that you not only develop yourself visually, but also take your reputation and appearance to a completely new level. To do this, you’ll benefit from a unique community, weekly group calls, and direct online correspondence with me!


If you are ready to unleash your full power within the next 12 weeks, then click on the link below.

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What former clients say

Remo Daguati

After gaining a lot of weight as a result of Covid19 lockdown, Coach Michael supported me in losing my overweight sustainably within a few weeks. The change of diet without starving, the change of old habits towards a more active and sustainable lifestyle, the mindset coaching to align nutrition, sleep and training provided me with a solid foundation. Motivational training plans, useful apps and his personal and virtual exchange helped me to feel supported and guided along the way. I can highly recommend Michael as a Body & Mind Transformation Coach. He helps, especially, leaders with his personalized and focused guidance and his approach of gradually building the steps towards the path of sustainable change. The feeling of lightness is with me every day ever since.

Kerry Morrison
Systems Analyst

Like many people, I too decided to get into better shape at the beginning of the year. I’d already worked with Coach Michael, so I knew he’d be able to help me. My biggest challenge was extreme hunger. Coach Michael and the online group helped me to realize that I’ve changed as a fundamentally person – I work out every day and love it. It occurred to me thanks to the group, that I could also change my identity regarding food. Since then, I eat less and much healthier. I learned a lot of new exercises, I learned a lot about nutrition, I’ve got so much more energy, and I’ve lost weight as well – I’ve made excellent progress in 2021 and Coach Michael and the online group helped a lot. I’d recommend Coach Michael and the online group for anyone who wants guidance and support on their journey to better health.

Irina Horvath
Owner and founder of Irina Horvath Female Empowerment (Awakening Guidance)

I chose Michael because he is professional, warm-hearted, committed and incredibly motivating. He knows how to get the best out of each participant, what is possible and beyond. His approach on working on mindset again and again is very convincing and important. I really appreciate Michael as a person and a coach and can warmly recommend him. The 12 week online program is great. Everyone works on their personal success goals and the weekly exchange inspires each other. His program is really transforming!