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“Feeling great has never been easier.”

  • Imagine having all the tools you need to know about fitness, health, and well-being at your fingertips. How would that feel?
  • Imagine not having to worry about your fitness and health anymore because it’s so easy. Is that even conceivable?
  • Imagine having a personalized and targeted fitness and health strategy that effortlessly guides you through your life.
  • Imagine being able to fulfill almost all of your dreams by bringing your physical, mental, and emotional state to a level where you stand strong like a rock in the storm.

As your online coach, I will accompany you for several months and show you how to effortlessly integrate sustainable and effective exercise and nutrition into your everyday life. Without sacrificing pleasure and spending hours on training sessions.

Would you like to…

  • get more clarity in the jungle of information overload
  • have a guide by your side whom you can always ask
  • have a personalized and tailored fitness and health strategy for you
  • have more mental and emotional clarity in your life
  • have more control over your body and mindset
  • have more energy in your work and daily life
  • get simple strategies that have a sustainable impact
  • become an even better role model for your fellow human beings
  • look more toned and sexier as a byproduct

I offer you…

  • training & coaching – no matter where you are in the world!
  • exercise instructions via app and video tutorial
  • weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom
  • guest speakers in our Group-Calls
  • individual check-ins
  • exclusive community of like-minded leaders
  • individual and monthly training plan
  • individual nutrition plan & guidance
  • habit building via App
  • free ebooks, fact sheets and much more
  • workout everywhere
  • new mindset
  • guaranteed success

The “Live 2 thrive” programme is the online tool for leaders who want to train and develop themselves at any time and from anywhere. This also means that you not only develop yourself visually, but also take your reputation and appearance to a completely new level. To do this, you’ll benefit from a unique community, weekly group calls, and direct online correspondence with me!


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What former clients say

Reno Daguati
Remo Daguati

After gaining a lot of weight as a result of Covid19 lockdown, Coach Michael supported me in losing my overweight sustainably within a few weeks. The change of diet without starving, the change of old habits towards a more active and sustainable lifestyle, the mindset coaching to align nutrition, sleep and training provided me with a solid foundation. Motivational training plans, useful apps and his personal and virtual exchange helped me to feel supported and guided along the way. I can highly recommend Michael as a Body & Mind Transformation Coach. He helps, especially, leaders with his personalized and focused guidance and his approach of gradually building the steps towards the path of sustainable change. The feeling of lightness is with me every day ever since.

Emanuel Muckenhuber
IT Software Developer

I have been working with Michael for almost two years now. He is an absolute pro. His comprehensive approach does not only include a detailed nutrition and training plan but also helps you develop the mindset you need to achieve your goals.

The online sessions provide an excellent platform to benefit from his extensive knowledge, share experiences with others and participate in workshops from various guest speakers.

With his guidance, I surpassed my initial goals and integrated health and well-being as a fundamental part of my life. I can only recommend you do the same and start working with Michael. Ideally today 😉

Elisabeth Marini
Elisabeth Marini
Self-employed as digital enabler

The pandemic has hit most of us hard, in these trying times Coach Michael has been my guiding light. If you are looking for a fresh start and want to embark on a journey of health, energy and holistic wellbeing then Michael is the number one person.

He helped me tremendously this last year to transform my life and live healthy, active and happy. Coach Michael offers a flexible and engaging online course where you can work toward your goals together with others. The possibility to share my stuggles and my triumphs with fellow colleagues helped me keep motivated and I was able to profit from a fresh outside perspective.

I have achieved more than I every believed possible in such a short amount of time and in no small part thanks to Michael.
If you are ready for a change, if you are willing to change, then go for it and hit up Michael for an initial consultation.
I highly recommend it!

Martin Golenia
Martin Golenia
Senior Director – IT (Leading EV manufacturer)

It became very apparent from our very first meeting that Michael has a laser focus on the success of his clients and always has their best interest in mind. His training program is completely based on your individual circumstances and will be fully customized to your needs (no matter if you are a frequent traveler like myself or work at the office) – the training will be rounded up by his weekly online sessions which goes into detail as to what dependencies there are and what impact nutrition for example has to your mind / soul. He uses his in-depth knowledge with natural ease and allowed our first targets to be achieved within a very short time frame and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him. If you are looking to perform at the best of your abilities, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Michael.

Kerry Morrison
Kerry Morrison
Systems Analyst

Like many people, I too decided to get into better shape at the beginning of the year. I’d already worked with Coach Michael, so I knew he’d be able to help me. My biggest challenge was extreme hunger. Coach Michael and the online group helped me to realize that I’ve changed as a fundamentally person – I work out every day and love it. It occurred to me thanks to the group, that I could also change my identity regarding food. Since then, I eat less and much healthier. I learned a lot of new exercises, I learned a lot about nutrition, I’ve got so much more energy, and I’ve lost weight as well – I’ve made excellent progress in 2021 and Coach Michael and the online group helped a lot. I’d recommend Coach Michael and the online group for anyone who wants guidance and support on their journey to better health.

Mel Padden
Mel Padden
Software Engineer

Michael stands out from the crowd of personal trainers and fitness professionals who have taken their work online in the wake of the COVID pandemic. For one thing, he has been incorporating distance-based instruction into his programs for quite some years already. For another, he doesn’t limit his online presence to videos of exercise routines which never get updated. He uses remote connection as a way to continuously connect with his clients and reinforce the emotional, cognitive and habit-forming side of his holistic approach to personal development.

I came to Michael off the end of a relationship, feeling sort of down and looking simply to lose weight and get my confidence back. What I got was a suite of tools and processes which led and are leading to a sustained improvement in my present and future wellness.

The exercise routines are comprehensive, and tailored to your individual needs, body type and ability, and draw on Michael’s years of experience and education. They led to visible, measurable improvements in a matter of weeks.
The meal plans/nutritional analysis is also top level. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive nutritional breakdown of what I was eating. It really brings home to you how much the nutritional side of things matters, and how routine and small changes make a big difference over time.
The weekly check-ins made a difference to my level of motivation to keep going, as well as giving me a chance to talk about anything that was hampering my progress.
Personally, Michael is one of the most agreeable people you are likely ever to meet. In fact, if there is one criticism I have is that he’s probably too nice by half.

Over the course of my time in the program, I gained so much in the way of confidence, emotional stability, as well as physically being able to do more. I get friends and colleagues say things like “You’re a different person”, “You’ve done so much in the last six months/You’ve come a long way” and that sort of thing all the time now. That feels good, let me tell you.

For anyone looking to make changes, who wants personalized plans, a coach who understands the link between emotions, motivation, and performance, and evidence-based information about the specifics of what they need to do, as opposed to generic “Be your best self” advice, bro-science and so on, I really recommend you book a session with Michael.

Irina Horvath
Irina Horvath
Owner and founder of Irina Horvath Female Empowerment (Awakening Guidance)

I chose Michael because he is professional, warm-hearted, committed and incredibly motivating. He knows how to get the best out of each participant, what is possible and beyond. His approach on working on mindset again and again is very convincing and important. I really appreciate Michael as a person and a coach and can warmly recommend him. The 12 week online program is great. Everyone works on their personal success goals and the weekly exchange inspires each other. His program is really transforming!

Laura Furlanetto
Laura Furlanetto
Communications Specialist

I am happy to have gone through the program with Michael! He is a coach who treats you fully as an individual person with all its challenges and accompanies you holistically. For more fitness, not only a workout and / or nutrition plan is required, but also support on a mental level. The various changes in habits are not always easy to implement but with Michael’s support I managed to integrate them into my daily and busy life. That was enormously valuable to me in order to stick to my goals and to never give up.

Anyone who already has a bit of experience with fitness and strength exercises is in good hands in the online group. Michael also works very well digitally and the community offers you weekly motivation to keep going. At the beginning I still had individual sessions because I needed a lot of introduction and Michael first had to show me a way through the gym jungle. That was very valuable, without the individual sessions I would probably have found it too difficult to get started. After that I was able to work independently with the online support.

It was a very valuable time that helped me a lot. I would book any coaching with Michael again at any time!

Antonis Tsakotellis
Antonis Tsakotellis
Internal Audit Manager (PhD)

Initially I approached Michael as I wanted to have a more organizing training plan and loose a bit of weight. I also wanted to balance the portions of my meals and increase energy levels. Michael is a very personable and professional person. He uses a variety of tools; customized to his clients’ needs. Michael helped me out to be more aware of my nutritional needs, to lose weight and to improve my sleeping habits. After having worked with Michael for a couple of months now I realized that Michael has helped me out with some other challenges I had like time management and focusing on the tasks in hand.

Michael gave me small but practical tips that have made my daily life less stressful. Michael’s online workgroup is an excellent tool where all participants can benefit from each other by sharing experience and solutions.

I would definitely recommend Michael to everyone who wants to see substantial improvements in her/his body and mind and work toward a personal plan under Michael’s guidance and motivation!