About Michael Bachmann

My name is Michael Bachmann. (born 1979) Growing up in the beautiful Friesenberg district of Zurich, always active, sport was already the center of my life during my childhood. My fire for movement began to blaze at an early age. And so I tried myself in numerous sports. Starting with soccer, karate, athletics and basketball. Wherever speed, explosiveness and game intelligence were needed, I was among the best.

Before I found my calling, I spent 13 years in the travel industry, which allowed me to travel the world. During this time, I also attended the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications. Sport was also my constant companion during this time and after many years moved me to take the courage and start my own business as a personal trainer in Zurich.

I attended several dozen seminars with leading experts in the fields of training, nutrition, supplementation, rehabilitation and functional medicine. In the process, I was able to gain deep insights into the concepts and methods that have produced numerous Olympic champions, world champions and world record holders.

My story

Education & qualifications

  • YPSI A-Licenced Personaltrainer
  • Various additinal seminars with YPSI
  • Fitnessinstructor
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1: Sport Nutritionist
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2: Master Health Coach
  • K.O.R.E Health Consultant
  • Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1
  • Various seminars with Charles Poliquin (BioPrint, Programme Design, Kinetic Chain Enhancement, Modern Trends in Hypertrophy etc.)
  • RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) Level 1
  • BSc Business Communication (University of Applied Science, Zürich)
  • Council For Humand Development Trainer (Theoretical Consciousness & Quantum Psychology)
  • Online Trainer Academy Level 2
  • HumanStar Education by Veit Lindau
  • Various seminars with Martin Betschart
  • Various seminars with Tony Robbins
  • Transactional Analysis 101 The Berne Institute
  • Member of the SPTV (Swiss Personal Trainer Association)