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Personal Training in Zurich Holistic and result-oriented

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7 out of 10 people complain about not feeling well in their body or having too little energy in everyday life. The increasing rate of metabolic diseases and burn-out patients confirm this impressively.

Here also no trend parliamentary allowance helps. Because all these are only short-term solutions that do not promise sustainable success. Not infrequently, we find ourselves in a spiral of diets and yoyo effect for the rest of our lives.

To avoid this, there is only one solution: a clear strategy for a long-term change to escape this vicious circle once and for all.

You want to…

  • be healthier
  • loose weight
  • be painfree
  • have more self-confidence

I offer you…

  • individual goal-setting
  • flexible appointments – based on your options
  • holistic coaching
  • professional, elegant training location
  • efficient training
  • holistic health
  • guaranteed success

In one-on-one training sessions, we work together on your physical and mental fitness to get you in top shape. By optimising your physical and mental performance. This also means that you not only develop visually, but also take your image and appearance to a whole new level. Without time-consuming training sessions that take you away from your core business or become a burden.

I offer holistic coaching for you. Since training alone is only one of four essential components for your progress, it is indispensable to offer you holistic training.

In concrete terms, this means that in addition to the body, the following areas are also trained or treated:

  • Sleep/regeneration ability
  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation

In this way I ensure that we reach your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

First I assess your current situation. By means of a questionnaire and various tests, I identify the points that need to be adjusted in order to achieve optimal progress.

Based on this and, above all, on your wishes, I create the most feasible roadmap for you. This roadmap serves as a guide for you and me during the coaching process, which guarantees the best possible success.

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Klub der Sportfreunde

Adress: Hohlstrasse 506, 8048 Zürich

The personal training sessions take place at Klub der Sportfreunde in Zurich. The training center harmonizes perfectly with my training philosophy: high-quality equipment, 800 m2 training area, 50m artificial turf and sufficient mobility space.

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