Soul Mindfulness

What is my credo? What am I here for on this planet? Have you ever asked yourself that? If you ask most people about it, they either avoid it or have never looked at it in depth. And it’s not about religion, but simply about our true existence. How do I want to support my environment? What are my strengths? Can I unleash my full potential alreahy or am I inhibited by the conditioning that I have been going through in my life?

Ein Leben in Einklang

A life in harmony: is this even possible?

Most people do not live a balance between body, mind and soul. Most of the time, at least two areas suffer, mostly body & mind. What would your life look like in which you could fully live all three aspects to its fullest? What do you think how much this could be of importance on your health, your energy and your happiness? Do you think that something like this is even possible or not? What is it that you wish for your life to be like?

„Our whole existence in life is a connection of our body, mind and soul. If one doesn’t work well, other parts will suffer. Every part deserves equal attention for optimal health“


Soulwork: This is why you need it.

Always be open to open up to other people. Connecting with other human beings opens up our spirit and our minds for new ideas and introduces us to alternative ways of life that re-energizes the soul. Get out of your familiar surroundings. Go for a walk in the forest or meet up with friends in a café. Anything that gets you out of your everyday routine can affect your happiness and motivation. Let your passions carry you. Take the time for dancing and music, art, hiking, baking, cycling, running – whatever your soul is longing for. And most importantly: Be nice to yourself. Give yourself permission to take a time out and not have to be productive every part of the day. Live in this very moment and give your soul the chance to breathe.